The Early Years Foundation Stage
(Preschool and Reception Class)

Teaching and learning in Early Years is shaped through seven aspects that are interlinked. These are implemented through planned, purposeful play, with a balance between adult-led and child-initiated experiences. The Early Years Foundation Stage precedes Key Stage One and is designed to ensure that all children are kept healthy and safe, at the same time developing knowledge and skills which are both broad and balanced. In doing so, it builds a firm foundation on which to base future education and skills as well as resilience for life.

Prime Areas
- Communication and Language
- Physical Development
- Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Specific Areas
- Literacy
- Mathematics
- Understanding the world
- Expressive Arts and Design

We normally accept children into Preschool at varying points in the academic year. The young children (4+) enjoy a varied programme of both indoors and outdoors activities and experience a balance of learning through play and more formal work. They benefit from dedicated Music and PE lessons that support their physical development and we monitor their gross motor skills and fine motor skills as they develop in the classroom.







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Lower Primary Coordinator
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