The entire school area is an "English-Only Zone". That means that the school language is also English during breaks and afternoon activities. This is obligatory for all.

Language instruction

-  Lessons are taught in English by native or near native speakers giving students
    a chance to excel in English through immersion and practice.

-  Varied  language classes provide students the opportunity to excel in Spanish,
    Chinese, German as a native language and/or German as a foreign language

-> English and German are taught from Year 1 on.
-> Spanish is taught from Year 6 on.
-> Chinese is offered as an elective that student can take from Year 6 on.

-  ESL (English as Second Language) teachers work closely with new students who
    are deemed to need help with their English language skills. They support the
    development of these students' speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in
    small groups outside the classroom.

Information about Chinese language

The International School offers Chinese lessons as an elective course for students from Year 6 and up who are interested in learning a new, exotic and interesting language. This lesson is taught 3 hours per week.

Why Chinese?

China is a country with a rich culture and tradition. China's economic and political importance has been growing steadily and fast for years and the economy requires more and more specialists with a good knowledge about China and its language.

Learning Chinese is lots of fun in general and, in particular, learning Chinese characters will help train a student's memory and increase their ability to recognize details.

Chinese with a HSK Certificate

After 8 semesters children should be able to master about 600 commonly used Chinese words and the respective grammar rules; they should be able to understand simple sentences and express their opinions in a simple way. In addition they will learn to communicate issues concerning daily life and studies.

This level meets the requirements for obtaining a HSK Certificate basic grade B. The HSK test can be taken at the Chinese Centre Hannover e. V.

Language Policy in Middle School


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