Boarding house

A home away from home...

Students leaving home to attend the CJD International School can find a warm welcome at the CJD Braunschweig boarding house, located just down the road from our school. The boarding house accommodates students from both the International school and the CJD affiliated secondary school or "Christophorusschule".

The dormitories are separated into both girls and boys facilities and further subdivided into "living groups" to create a family atmosphere. Boarders can live in single or double rooms. Daily life is well structured with allotted times for study, leisure, and group activities.


Individualized support helps set students on the right track to reach their academic goals. And, recreational areas, such as music rooms and athletic facilities, along with regular group activities and field trips, provide a foundation for social and cultural development. While English is spoken by all students and professional caregivers at the boarding house, German is the commonly used language. All in all, our boarding house is a safe and comfortable home away from home.

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