Study time

Every day, all pupils have the opportunity to complete assignments and pursue their individual studies during the study time period.

Study time is 45 minutes long, and is compulsory every day from Years 1 to 7.

As the students mature and move into higher classes, we encourage them to take more responsibility for their studies. Therefore, students from Years 8 through 10 are allowed to choose 2 days of the week to attend study time.

Class teachers of Years 8 to 10 must be informed at the beginning of the school year which days the student will attend study time. Study time may be made compulsory for more days of the week, if an individual pupil's academic performance and effort is lacking.  Teachers will also re-evaluate each student’s need for study time attendance at the end of the term.

There is also one homeroom study time scheduled once a week with the class teacher, which is compulsory for all students in Years 8-10. This brings the total number of compulsory study times per week up to 3.

Years 11 and 12 are expected to study independently and are not given compulsory study times.