Dress Code

General Rules

  • Students at the International School are required to wear official school uniforms to school and to all school-related activities, (e.g. school parties, day trips, etc...). 
  • Students must arrive and leave each day in uniform.
  • The top and bottom of the uniform must meet! (This means no bare midriffs, and no sagging jeans!)
  • Waistbands must be worn at the waist.
  • Undergarments are not permitted to be visible in any way.
  • Clothing should not have any tears or rips.
  • Uniforms may not be defaced in any way.


  • The school logo must be visible at all times on the upper part of the uniform.
  • Non-uniform hoodies, fleece, sweaters, jumpers, or sweatshirts, are not permitted to be worn at school.
  • Tops which are not part of the uniform, are not allowed to be showing under, over, through, or around the edges of the uniform.


  • Skirts and shorts must not be shorter than a hand width (of the girl who wears the skirt) above the knees.
  • All jeans must be the same navy (dark blue) color as the school uniform and may not have any fading, light patches, discoloration, adornments, or logos visible on them.
  • Leggings may be worn only under shorts, skirts or dresses of the official uniform and must be white or navy blue.


  •  All outdoor clothing (jackets, coats, etc.) should be removed upon entering the building.
  • Outside coats and winter wear may be worn outside when pupils are on school premise, and MAY be permitted in the entrance hall ONLY if the temperature is extremely cold.

Sports Uniform

  • For sports classes and sports functions the uniform consists of an official white school uniform t-shirt with school logo, and any dark blue or navy athletic shorts or bottoms. Jeans are not permitted in the sports lesson.

  • Only light soled athletic shoes are permitted to be worn in the school gym.


  •  Hats, hoods or head coverings are not to be worn inside the building(s) at any time.
  • Scarves, belts or other permitted accessories must be in a plain neutral color, which does not detract from the uniform.
  • Loud or oversized jewelry is not permitted.
  • Make-up may only be worn in neutral skin tones.
  • Flip flops are not permitted and house shoes or slippers are only allowed to be worn inside the classrooms and only in the primary school section (RC to year 5)


If students are found non-compliant with uniform regulations, students will be required either to modify clothing as appropriate (e.g. put on or take off what is needed), use a school provided clothing, or return home to change into appropriate attire.

If multiple infractions of the dress code occur, parents will be notified, and students may face disciplinary action.