School Library

The mission of the International School Braunschweig–Wolfsburg (IS BS-WOB) Library

The mission of the IS BS-WOB Library is to create a learning area which provides access to varied, adequate, and appropriate information and resources for learning, studying, teaching, research, and individual development. Our goal is to support the whole school community in becoming accustomed to using library resources on a regular basis in order to achieve the objectives set forth by our school’s curriculum.

Libary Services

The library supports the curriculum at all grade levels and provides opportunities for students to pursue their interests in learning, studying, and reading.

Students may request specific information or ask for assistance with searches or bibliographic information to help them in their research.

All the students from the Reception Class, Year 1, and Year 3 visit the library on a regular basis for reading time and to check out books once a week during normal lessons.

Primary and secondary students can also use the library during the breaks between blocks and in the study time.

Senior students are welcome to use the library as a studying and reading place when they are not scheduled elsewhere.

Parents are welcome to visit the library with their children for quiet reading and for book selection.

Opening Hours

The library is open during the school year from Tuesday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 14:30 p.m.

Library Resources

The library collection consists of more than two-thousand items, including primary, secondary, and senior, fiction and non-fiction books, early readers, pictures books, reference books, IB resources, teacher resources, subscriptions to various periodicals (Time, National Geographic, National Geographic Spain etc.), audio-visual materials, and electronic resources such as DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs. Most of the books are in English, but there are also German and Spanish book collections.The teacher resource collection is comprised of teacher-supported materials to assist teachers and pedagogical educators in improving and expanding on the school’s curriculum.Our IGCSE and IB resource collections consist of subject and manual books which are recommended by Cambridge IGCSE and the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme).


There are four computer workstations in the library, which are available to students for additional research. There is also one scanner and one printer in the library, which are for use with the computers and available to anyone.

For computer use in the library, both the librarian and the staff observe the students and monitor their progress. The students are only permitted to use websites allowed by the school.

Students are only allowed to use the library computers in compliance with the school policy for acceptable use of ICT, internet and e-mail found in the behaviour policy / code of conduct.

Borrowing and Loan Policies

Students from Years 1-12 are allowed to borrow up to 3 items at a time for a duration of one week per item. Reception class children are allowed to borrow one book per week. The loan period can be renewed up to three times.   

Reference books like encyclopedias, text books, manuals may not be borrowed from the library.

Books from the Inter Loan Library Services can only be used in the library, and may not be borrowed.

If a borrowed book is lost or badly damaged, it must be replaced by a new one as soon as possible.

Books and media are not permitted to be used for commercial reasons. The copyrights are owned by the authors.


Maryna Stern
Libary Coordinator
fon 0531 / 889210 - 0