GISST Project

German International Schools Sports Tournaments

GISST is a consortium of approximately twelve German International Schools throughout Germany who compete against each other on a seasonal basis participating in various sporting events throughout the country. GISST stands for: German International Schools Sports Tournaments.


A positive vision statement would enable us to identify short term and long term what we would like to accomplish within the GISST programme, at the same time providing inspiration and motivation to everyone who plays a role to help us successfully attain all of our goals in enhancing the development of sports at the CJD International School.


Our primary objective would be to ultimately enter the GISST programme participating only at a grass roots level in friendly competition with other GISST member schools. The programme also provides students from CJD International School with opportunities for participation in quality sporting activities on a competitive basis, giving them also the golden opportunity to network and integrate with students from other International Schools.


In order to make this project a success, it is imperative that the CJD International School GISST organizing committee are totally committed to working together as one unit Sharing the same core values and beliefs. Constructive communication will enable us to be more pro-active as a team. There will be one designated individual who will operate as our committee spokesperson and co-ordinate all of our information for events to the external GISST organisation. 


Events are defined into two seasons: —Autumn - August to December for Badminton, Football (Soccer), Volleyball, Cross Country and Golf. —Winter - December to March for Swimming and Basketball, Spring - March to May for Track & Field and Tennis teams. Tournaments or matches normally take place on the weekends, but as we are new to the organisation and primarily operating on an experimental basis, our matches will take place on Fridays. (one day fixtures). —Our trial events will be: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field.


We have already successfully participated in a GISST Varsity soccer tournament consisting of two schools from Berlin. ——CJD International School travelled to Berlin to compete against Berlin Brandenburg International school and the Berlin British International School (Beris). It was our first taste of GISST competition.


In conclusion the GISST programme gives us the opportunity to: —Enhance and bring a new Dimension of sports to the CJD International School in a pro-active manner. —Develop and motivate the students  potential to be the best that they could be, enabling them to move forward positively and confidently in life. —Networking and Integrating with other International Schools in Germany opening all avenues not only through sports but also academically. —Promote a sense of enjoyment and achievement through participation in sporting activities .