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As an all-day school the CJD International School enables children to learn and grow by expanding their horizons outside of the classroom.

When formal lessons have ended, our afternoon activities encourage children to explore their world and learn in a more hands-on environment.

Our Project Classes give children the chance to develop their hobbies and interests, or to hone their academic skills, while our Afternoon Recreation Areas allow children to learn freely through structured play and activities.

Afternoon Recreation Areas

In order to provide an appropriate age-level working environment, our Afternoon Recreation Ares are split into groups. Pre-school and Reception Class, Years 1-5, and Years 6 & up each have their own respective areas of activities and leisure each afternoon.

The programme for the Afternoon Recreation Ares includes special projects, crafting, organized activities, and play time. The activities are prepared by the professional educators and the schedule of activities is hung in the entrance hall each week.

The following table shows the structure of the Afternoon Recreation Areas :

  Pre-school and RC
Years 1 - 5
 2.30pm Activity time: Playground time:
- time for indoor activities - time to play outside (weather  permitting)
 3.00pm Playground time: Activity time:
- the children can play outside on the primary playground (weather permitting)                  - inside and outside play time
  Different activities offered       every week
3.30pm Circle time: Circle time:
- time to relax, to meet, to play, to talk, to sing, to read together  - time to relax, to meet, to play, to talk, to sing, to read together
- tea break and snack for all the children - tea break and snack for all the children

Secondary Afternoon Recreation

During the afternoon the pupils of the Secondary Sections have the choice to take a project, stay in the secondary afternoon recreational area or use the time for studying and homework.

Project Classes

Our unique project classes give children the chance to expand their hobbies, interests and horizons, as well as hone their academic and social skills. Students can benefit greatly from these extra-curricular projects, as they can learn skills for a lifetime of achievement, including team-work, creative thinking, self-esteem, self-knowledge, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, e.g.  

We offer a variety of popular projects conducted by qualified instructors - from sports and martial arts, performing arts, academic interests, sciences, gardening and many more.


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