Mission Statement


A mission statement is both a vision and reality. Only those with visions can see reality with clear vision and an open heart. Starting with a vision, reality shows an interpretation that leads us to the future. A mission statement shows us the way and acts as a compass in our daily work. It is also a shining star that provides courage and confidence to plan the future.

As with every mission statement, its fulfillment is a work in progress. Our daily work, the way we interact with each other, our understanding of education and learning, our professionality, empathy and, last but not least, our readiness to change and grow for the future and the value of this mission statement will become apparent based on those things.

The CJD Braunschweig is a competency center for differentiated talent support and positive education. This reality is experienced new every day. We are committed to building the characters of young people. The CJD Braunschweig - staff, students and parents can only provide what is needed for growing and learning for the future when we work together.

Strong children = strong futures.
Together we are opportunity providers.


At the CJD Braunschweig, everyday Christianity is our foundation and young people are at the center of our efforts. What we offer falls under the principles of a holistic approach and individuality.

The Youth Village (Jugenddorf) offers a place in which these principles come to life in a group setting and make experience with the Christian faith possible.

We see ourselves as a learning organization which also means that we are constantly examining and developing our educational concepts further.

We communicate the joy of teaching and learning while supporting individual talents. Our activities serve the purpose of creating optimal group learning environments.

We see it as our responsibility to make our vision statement a reality.

Stance and values

We treat the children and youths we are responsible for with respect, fairness and appreciation. We cultivate open and respectful contact within the staff and with outsiders.

We support each other in the accomplishment of our tasks. Our decisions are transparent and logical. The preconditions for that are set through goal-oriented and efficient communication.

We support a positive error culture because we can learn from our mistakes for the future. We grant that luxury to all people.

We recognize the achievements of others. We demand achievements from ourselves and from the children and youths we are responsible for. We use their and our resources responsibly.

We encourage students, parents, staff, friends and partners to actively participate in planning our institution and provide the necessary opportunities for that.

Learning, Teaching and Living

We live in a community and make it experienceable for all participants. In that respect, we always hold responsibility for our actions in the community.

What life lessons mean to us:

We teach self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. We support character development by helping children and youths help themselves and providing orientation. We develop skills further and improve weaknesses. That also means that we give young people time to develop their personalities.

We provide excellent and all-encompassing general education. We value support and development of core competencies and key qualifications. We have the courage to provide and teach thoroughness. We help our children learn to think for themselves.

We wish to recognize and support talents. Above and beyond that, we support and demand willingness to achieve great results and are committed to developing that attitude.

We enter into partnerships with business, education, culture and politics with the goal of providing our students and staff with new perspectives and possibilities. Partnerships provide feedback on our achievements in the real world, which is what we are preparing our students for.

Management and Human Resources

We continually work on educational and professional profile.

We greatly value the professional qualification and personal competence of our staff and colleagues. Continuing education and professional reflection are therefore a fixed component of our human resources work.

We support each other mutually and cooperate in our work. We are characterized by professional team work.

In order to achieve our tasks, we have created professional leadership systems. They include clear decision structures, positive recognition and error cultures, regular talks with staff and fair and open interaction with each other.

The quality of our work makes our institution unmistakable. For this reason, it is impossible to imagine our Youth Village without the core pillars of quality assurance and quality management.

School Office

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