About us

  • We are a rapidly growing International School, founded in 2004, with a multicultural student body.

  •  We are a private, all-day school, based in Braunschweig, that offers an enriching education for children aged 4 to 18+ in a friendly, motivational learning environment.

  • We benefit by being one of five divisions within the CJD Braunschweig, which has been a leading and certified Competency Centre for the empowerment of talented and gifted children since 1977.

The IS BS-WOB is proud to be a Cambridge certified school. Our Cambridge certified curriculum and checkpoint tests ensure that students are learning at a high international standard. This system enables pupils to be assessed on a global level and to compare their progress with other children around the world.

We offer 2 degrees that students can work toward; the IGCSE (International General Certifi cate of Secondary Education) and the IB (International Baccalaureate). These programmes allow students to earn diplomas, which they can take with them; to further their education in Germany, or internationally. Our quarterly assessment  tests, and report cards keep parents and pupils up-to-date on their progress throughout the school year.