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Have a great autumn school break!

We thank you for the common start in the face-to-face classes and wish now a relaxing time in the vacations!
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IB Diploma Graduation Ceremony 2021

Farewell to our IB Class of 2021
On Saturday, 12th June 2021, the CJD International School Braunschweig - Wolfsburg faculty and students came together to celebrate the achievements of our largest graduating IB class ever. Due to the class being our largest, the warm weather and the pandemic safety regulations, we held the ceremony on our sports field. We were fortunate to have Anne Koeneke, our Head of School, begin our ceremony with some meaningful remarks. Afterwards, Kirk Chamberlain, the Chief Executive of Niedersachsen Süd-Ost, provided us with some sage advice in his keynote speech. The ceremony followed with an extraordinary rendition of Joe Hisaishi’s Summer performed by Jiwoo Yang, IB Class 2021. Finally, after the presentation of Academic Awards, Graduate Speeches and the Presentation of Diplomas, we all raised a glass to toast the success of our students. This year we were fortunate to have a graduating class of twenty students representing fourteen different nations. These students had their world and their educational process turned upside down last year with the onset of the pandemic. We are proud of our students and their dedication to overcoming the challenges created by the lockdown during the previous year. Many of our students will head off to universities in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. The IBO will release the results of this exam session on 6th July. We wish the students all the best in their future endeavours.

We are proud of what you have accomplished so far!

"Let's share our culture" Day

Year 4 students spent a day sharing their culture and traditions of their countries. Students were given the opportunity to share their culture in which ever way was most special to them. Some students came dressed in their traditional outfits and most of them even brought traditional food of their country to share. Many students even wrote simple words like: hello, good morning, good night, what’s your name etc. and some even wrote it in their traditional script! It was real fun for the others to write and copy that handwriting on white boards! Apart from trying to eat food in the traditional way, children relished dishes from other countries. Some children worked hard to make presentations and brought items typical of their country. It was fascinating to hear some extracts of story books in their language read aloud by students. We all learned a lot about the different cultures - and enjoyed a very special day!

Friends are the flowers in the garden of life!

Our International School

We offer students the unique opportunity to learn about international culture through English education.
We offer prestigious academic careers which are recognised worldwide, as well as in Germany.


Exhibition: KidS goes Amazonas
06-14.11. (Vernissage on 05.11.).
This year for the first time together with all four CJD schools and the daycare St. Leonhard International. Accompanying artist of the KidS project 2021 is Domingos de Barros Octaviano from Brazil.
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Upper Primary: Global Perspectives Project day

Clean or cleaner?

Save our oceans

The upper primary classes (Years 3-5) got a short glimpse of the new subject they will be learning in the next school year – Global Perspectives. After the subject was introduced by Ms Clearman, the students got a little taste of some of the skills they will have to use to study the subject. Students were divided into groups and had to a make an ocean, beautify it, then dirty the water with items of their choice and think of ways to clean it up. It was really interesting to watch the groups discuss how to work out each step and it was most interesting to listen to the ideas that different groups had in cleaning up the water. The group that managed to clean the water the best presented their samples and procedures to the others. Mrs Johnen summarised the activities of the day and ended the project day with the Water Cycle Song. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the project day!

Middle School project weeks - what a success!

Arts - not only talent, but also hard work!

Our middle school students are involved in two great projects: "KidS - Künstler in der Schule" (artists in school) and the "Amazonas-Project". During the last two project weeks, in Global Perspectives they were discussing topics of living conditions and the core requirements of a successful life. Additionally, they explore the Amazonas Region in many fields. In Arts they were hard working on expressing their feelings and ideas in their own creative way - with excellent results! Beside our very dedicated teachers, the artist Domingos de Barros Octaviano is working with the different groups and gives a lot of support to make it a success.

Das CJD in Deutschland

Das CJD  ist eines der größten christlichen Bildungs- und Sozialunternehmen. In seinen Einrichtungen in ganz Deutschland sind ausgebildete Fachkräfte jeden Tag für die Menschen da.
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