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IB Ceremony 2020

CJD International School Braunschweig -Wolfsburg was happy to hold the IB-Graduation ceremony complying the social distancing rules recently. Amidst the chaos, uncertainty and ambiguity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the graduation ceremony symbolized indomitable energy and pragmatism of our Chief Executive, Mr Kirk Chamberlain, Head of School, Mrs Anne Köneke and IBDP coordinator

Mr Nicholas Schulte, who didn’t hesitate to take this giant leap forward to re-boost student’s faith and optimism. Their message was clear; an innovative, vibrant and explorative school system to withstand the test of time. While safety and hygiene measures were given indispensable attention in response to this extraordinary pandemic situation, the festive spirit was imbued with the announcement of the excellent results of the graduation class. The Assembly Hall was filled with students rejoice, enchanting musical performances, clinking of sparkling wine and finally tossing of the graduation caps. It was a moment of applause, tears of joy and a unique junction point in the graduates’ lives. Everybody was aware that this particular day marked the prologue of an after school journey and the epilogue of the high school life for the graduates.

The IB Organisation was compelled to cancel an exam session for the first time in its history due to Corona worldwide, and the final diploma will be awarded based around the students’ coursework and the established assessment expertise to safeguard and ensure the program quality. Graduates received subject group awards, Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) award as well as Class Attendance award to recognize and encourage students’ versatility and talents in different academic realms. The principal goal of this whole process is to promote the IB philosophy not only in words but also in action.

Perrine Margaux Virginie Srienz received the Academic Excellence Award besides acquiring CAS and Attendance Award and commented, ‘No soul on Earth would ever predict that this crucial moment would be taken away in the blink of an eye by COVID -19…However, our class was extremely lucky… This ceremony is unforgettable, and I am grateful to have one despite the situation.’   

Congratulations to our IB Class 2020. The school community is proud of their achievement and wishes them all the best for their future life.

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