Our Staff


Ms U. Hellert Head of School
Senior Governor of the CJD Braunschweig
Ms A. Mukherji Academic Dean
Lower Primary Coordinator
(Years 3 - 5)
Primary school teacher


Ms A. Baucke Liaison Coordinator ann-marie.baucke@cjd-bs.de
Ms A. Christophersen Project Class Coordinator astrid.christophersen@cjd-bs.de
Ms A. Köneke Secondary 1 Coordinator
(Years 6 - 8)

Ms A. Köneke Cambridge Examination Coordinator
Secondary 2 Coordinator
(Years 9-10)
Ms L. Murthy Scheduling Coordinator lakshmi.murthy@cjd-bs.de
Mr N. Seetharam IB Coordinator
CAS Coordinator
IB Diploma Language arts
Ms M. Stamm Lower Primary Coordinator
Primary School teacher
(RC-Year 2)
Mr C. W. Stern ICT Coordination stern@cjd-braunschweig.de


Ms E. Brückner School Office
Organisation Team
Mr D. Cafaro Facility Management cafaro@cjd-braunschweig.de

Teachers and Professional Educator

Mr H. Berger Science teacher harald.berger@cjd-bs.de
Mr P.K. Chan  Physics Teacher pui.keong.chan@cjd-bs.de
Ms S. Christensen Language Arts teacher simone.christensen@cjd-bs.de
Mr M. Dybka Professional Educator marcin.dybka@cjd-bs.de
Dr. Y. Hasan Maths/Science teacher yaser.hasan@cjd-bs.de
Ms H. Hewitt Social Sciences teacher, Language Art Teacher hazel.hewitt@cjd-bs.de
Mr J. Johnson In-house Substitute jabari.johnson@cjd-bs.de
Ms A. R. Ketzler Language Arts teacher ana.rosa.ketzler@cjd-bs.de
Mr J. Koons Professional Educator jason.koon@cjd-bs.de
Ms S. Kulkarni Science and Mathematics teacher suneela.kulkarni@cjd-bs.de
Mr S. Lewis Professional Educator stephen.lewis@cjd-bs.de 
Mr A. Maldonado Social Sciences teacher adrian.maldonado@cjd-bs.de
Mr D. Mascia Sports teacher and Social Sciences teacher daniele.mascia@cjd-bs.de
Mr S. Mccaw Professional Educator sean.mccaw@cjd-bs.de
Ms H. Napier Primary School Teacher heike.napier@cjd-bs.de
Mr C. Oetken Mathematics teacher Christoph.oetken@cjd-bs.de
Ms Qian Lu Language Arts teacher qian.lu@cjd-bs.de
Ms L. Romero Language Arts teacher lourdes.romero@cjd-bs.de
Ms V. Ruzsity   Language Arts teacher  valentina.ruzsity@cjd-bs.de
Ms M. Schmidt Professional Educator maren.schmidt@cjd-bs.de
Ms N. Seamark primary School Teacher naomi.seamark@cjd-bs.de
Ms I. Selke Art teacher iris.selke@cjd-bs.de
Dr. Ms T. Sengupta Social Sciences teacher tanusree.sengupta@cjd-bs.de
Dr. J. Selvadurai Mathematics teacher jayashankar.selvadurai@cjd-bs.de
Ms M. Sommer Professional Educator maike.sommer@cjd-bs.de
Mr J. Stern Computer Science teacher jedidiah.stern@cjd-bs.de
Ms M. Stern Librarian maryna.stern@cjd-bs.de
Dr. Ms B. Timme Science teacher bettina.timme@cjd-bs.de
Ms C. Vahle Professional Educator cheryl.vahle@cjd-bs.de
Ms X. Wang Language Arts teacher xiaomei.wang@cjd-bs.de
Ms M. Woodson Professional Educator megan.ann.woodson@cjd-bs.de
Mr D. Wyer Language Arts teacher daniel.wyer@cjd-bs.de
Ms F. Yaqin Reception Class teacher faiza.yaqin@cjd-bs.de
Ms W. Yau Music teacher wendy.yau@cjd-bs.de
Ms E. Zsaki Primary School Teacher emese.zsaki@cjd-bs.de